Resumption of Work After the COVID-19 Lockdown Period and an Approach to Attaining Herd Immunity While Suppressing the EPI Curve – in the Philippines

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Noel Miranda details the steps taken in the Philippines to decrease the EPI-Curve, while implementing a strategy to obtain herd immunity, and urges decision-makers to implement the use of the identified pharmaceutical/biological approaches to COVID-19. Excerpt: The duration of this COVID-19 epidemic could last up to 2022. This means we should be constantly suppressing and flattening the curve for that entire duration.  Hopefully, we would have better preventive and curative approaches that can modulate COVID-19 disease or enable herd immunity to be achieved sooner.  This would reduce risk of severe disease and deaths, or eradicate the disease. View/Download Document [...]

Mabuhay from Manila

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Rostum J. Baustista We are on enhanced community quarantine, at least in the whole island of Luzon for two days now.  A euphonious term for "lockdown" any which way one looks at it. Hello to all our Friends in Hawaii! Mabuhay from Manila! Just like in any other places on the planet now, we are on red alert level 2 because of the health emergency, worsening to pandemic and now turning to panic for many.  The authorities have been always calming down the people here but access to movement, food and family from elsewhere is getting a bit hard.  Good thing the internet [...]

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