The book explores the dynamic geopolitical pressures in the region and addresses how these pressures impact security architecture, relationships, and policy. Multidimensional security challenges, such as COVID-19, climate change, water and food, piracy, and maritime challenge, are deliberated upon and given policy recommendations.  It’s 17 contributors represent high-ranking individuals and experts who have geared the content for policymakers, security practitioners, and researchers.

This book represents the third DKI APCSS publication on Oceania security. Previous publications on the topic include “Regionalism, Security & Cooperation in Oceania” and “Security in Oceania in the 21st Century.”

In addressing Oceania’s security challenges, the book aims to spur security practitioners and partners to support these aspirations. With a distinct vision for the region at the forefront, Oceania’s external partners have a significant opportunity to embrace a commitment to the Pacific Region.

Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Mike Snook (review), Mary Markovinovic (editing and layout), LJ LaFleur (copyediting), the DKI APCSS Visual Information Team (cover art) and Toni Difante (distribution) for their assistance in publishing this book.