A total of 161 U.S. and international Fellows participated in the Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (APOC) 18-3 at the Daniel K Inouye Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Honolulu. The four-day course concluded on Dec. 7.

APOC is designed to provide an overview of regional states and trends in the security, economy, politics, defense, and information arenas. Faculty members address these areas in the context of the major sub-regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania.

The class, normally geared towards U.S. Fellows, had a ratio of 84 percent U.S. and 16 percent international. Fellows were predominately military with 69 percent military and 32 percent government civilians.  With 26 percent female, this is the second highest ratio of male-female for this particular course.

According to the APOC Course Manager Dr. Christopher Snedden, “Although APOC was contracted to four days (from five) due to the national day of mourning for President George H.W. Bush on 5 December, DKI APCSS Faculty delivered another excellent course. Fellows were given current, significant and topical information about the Indo-Pacific Region. Post-course surveys confirm that this enhanced their understanding of this diverse, disparate and evolving entity.”

APOC is one of six formal courses at DKI APCSS that follow a model of participant-centered learning.

The center is a Department of Defense institute that addresses regional and global security issues. Military and civilian representatives, most from the United States and Asia-Pacific nations, participate in a comprehensive program of executive education, professional exchanges and outreach events, both in Hawaii and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The Center supports U.S. Pacific Command by developing and sustaining relationships among security practitioners and national security establishments throughout the region. DKI APCSS’ mission is to build capacities and communities of interest by educating, connecting and empowering security practitioners to advance Asia-Pacific security. It is one of the Department of Defense’s five regional security studies centers.

Since opening in 1995, more than 12,300 alumni representing over 135 locations have attended DKI APCSS courses and workshops.