HONOLULU –  Thirty Fellows from 20 countries graduated today from the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies “Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism Course (CSRT)” in Honolulu.

Participating in the three-week CSRT course were representatives from Bangladesh, Brunei, El Salvador, Guam, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

The Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism course is designed to build relationships between and among the United States and current and future counterterrorism practitioners of participating countries, to develop the trust and confidence necessary for increased information sharing, and to identify ways to reduce obstacles to cooperation in the international struggle against those who use terror to promote their goals.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is a Department of Defense regional study, conference and research center.  The Center’s mission is to educate and develop leaders to advance strategic communication and security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region.

To date, the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies has had representatives from 45 countries attend the courses at the Center.  The Center has also hosted or co-hosted conferences with nearly 6,700+ participants from 66 countries.