Edited by Dr. Elizabeth Van Wie Davis and Dr. Rouben Azizian

“Islam, Oil, and Geopolitics in Center Asia after September 11” is the focus of a new publication edited by APCSS professors Dr. Elizabeth Van Wie Davis and Dr. Rouben Azizian.

This book covers the dramatic transformations that have occurred in Central Asia over the last decade.  According to the book, “ Since the tragic events of September 11, Central Asia has been drawn into an intense international struggle against the forces of religious extremism and transnational crime.”

This book examines the complex dynamic of cooperation and competition within and outside the Central Asian states. It looks at the sources of domestic and external extremism, as well as the evolving bilateral relations between the major external actors in Central Asian affairs.

“Islam, Oil, and Geopolitics in Center Asia after September 11” is divided into four parts:

Part I deals with the internal conflicts and the peace processes in Afghanistan and post-Soviet Central Asia.

Part II turns to another important dimension of great powers’ interest in Central Asia- the energy lure of the region.

Part III deals with the broader picture of geopolitics among the great powers in the region. Central Asia was historically a center of confrontation, competition, and conflict among the great powers, then Russia and Britain.

Part IV focuses on Central Asia’s relations with the wider Asian region as the Central Asian nations are attempting to diversify their foreign relations, balance the great power politics and deny any of them strategic preeminence in the region.

The book offers many insights that can help predict the most likely development of the fascinating Central Asian saga.

Other contributors to this book include: Alisher Khamidov, Kamoludin Abdullaev, Gaye Christoffersen, Alexei Malashenko,  Manabu Shimizu, Kang Wu, Robert Smith, Shi Yinhong, Sergey Lounev, Feng Shaolei,  Shireen Hunter, Sergei Troush, Pan Guang, Murat Laumulin, Orhon Mayadar, and Thomas Simons Jr.

 “Islam, Oil, and Geopolitics in Center Asia after September 11”  is available from Rowman & Littlefield, Inc.