Dr. Rajib Subba looks at the similarities between computer viruses and biological viruses in his new Security Nexus Perspective called “Collective intelligence and international coordination: Antidote for the novel biological zero-day exploit #COVID-19.

Subba, an alumni of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies’ Comprehensive Crisis Management course states that:

“For emergency and security professionals, zero-day attacks by cyber criminals and terrorists pose many-fold challenges: they are not aware of the virus, the virus is spreading fast, they have no antidote and it takes a long time to develop one. By the time security professionals come up with a solution, the damage will have been done. With the advent of a new biological virus called coronavirus disease (COVID-19), such situations parallel the physical world as well.”

The paper promotes the idea that “As the rapid spread of the COVID-19 represents a global threat, joint cooperation between countries is our best defense against possible global security and economic collapse. ”

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