Building on its longstanding cooperation with the Royal Thai Armed Forces’ National Defence Studies Institute, Strategic Studies Center (SSC), on April 8 DKI APCSS contributed to SSC’s “Strategist” course for mid-level Thai national security practitioners.  DKI APCSS Senior Diplomatic Fellow, Henry M. Rector, provided a presentation on “The Indo-Pacific Strategy Under the New U.S. Administration.”

Mr. Rector, a senior diplomat who served as Political Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok from 2017-20, analyzed the Indo-Pacific Strategy’s development and implementation to date, noting its emphasis on ASEAN centrality and analyzing its future prospects in light of the Biden Administration’s Interim National Security Guidance.

The class included 45 mid-level officials from Thailand’s military and civilian government services, leading universities, and private sector organizations. In keeping with COVID-related social distancing measures, the presentation was held virtually using a ZOOM link.

A one-hour question and discussion period followed the presentation.  The candid exchange of views increased understanding of shared and diverging perspectives on developments facing the region and reinforced the collaboration between DKI APCSS and the Strategic Studies Center and National Defence Studies Institute, one of Thailand’s most prestigious professional educational establishments for national security practitioners.