“Incremental Community-Based Exit Strategies for Initiating and Removing Covid-19 Lockdowns” is the latest Security Nexus Perspective published by the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.
Authored by Dr. Benjamin Ryan of Baylor University, Damon Coppola of Shoreline Risk LLC, and Dr. Deon Canyon of DKI APCSS, the paper discusses having community-based incremental approach to the easing of lockdowns, tailored to demographic and social stratifications of risk.

Here is an excerpt from their paper:

“ Social restrictions implemented during epidemics must strike a balance between cost and benefit. While disaster management is a discipline marked by uncertainty, and practitioners always anticipate data gaps and imperfect information, the COVID-19 pandemic has many unique planning challenges that affect decision makers’ confidence. Leaders find themselves faced with a double-edged sword wherein acting with too much force or speed may trigger undue financial hardship while waiting for better data risks hidden spread of disease and the potential failure of healthcare systems. “

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