In 2018, then U.S. Army Colonel James M. Minnich wrote a paper entitled “North Korea Solution,  Changed Regime” for the Military Review, a U.S. Army professional journal.

Versions of that paper are now available in both Spanish and Portuguese.

In the original paper, Minnich stated that:  “An effective changed-regime policy would quickly undertake a series of actions that should eventually align North Korean interests with those of the United States, bringing the entire Korean Peninsula into Washington’s security sphere. At present, Washington’s interests are not Pyongyang’s interests, which is why a changed-regime policy is needed to effect persistent change. America’s chief interest is for Pyongyang to abolish its nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons program. While this may not ameliorate the need to also eliminate chemical and biological weapons, reduce missile and conventional forces, enforce human rights, and adjudicate instances of terrorism and provocation, Washington should not lose focus on the important at the expense of the vital.”

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