Security strategies and effective governance were discussed in several recent articles by APCSS faculty members recently.

Bejing’s Grand Strategy Failure,” co-authored by APCSS professors Dr. Jeffrey Hornung and Dr. Alexander Vuving, was published by The National Interest website.  This commentary looks at China’s strategy in the East and South China Seas and why, they believe, is destined to fail.

You can read it online at:

Structural Power, the Copenhagen School and Threats to Chinese Security” by Dr. Jeffrey Reeves was published by The China Quarterly. This article looks at current debates surrounding China’s security by employing the concept of structural power and the Copenhagen School approach to security studies to measure threats to China’s security. Building on existing Chinese and English language research on China’s security drivers, the article develops a mechanism for determining how China’s economic relations with small states in Asia negatively affect their domestic stability and how this instability then loops back to undermine China’s strategic position.

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Dr. Mohan Malik was quoted in an editorial about China’s strategy in the South China Sea called “Tomorrow arrived yesterday” by Juan L. Mercado, published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In the article, Malik stated that China has ratified UNCLOS, a treaty that rejects “historically based” claims—precisely the type which Beijing periodically asserts.

You can read the full editorial online at:

Some of our US Air Force officers on staff put together an article about on how “APCSS can broaden alumni horizons” for Inside PACAF.   The article by Lt. Col. Reese Evers and Lt. Col. James Popphan can be read it online at:

APCSS’ Dean Carleton Cramer and Dr. Jeffrey Hornung also discussed UNCLOS and freedom of navigation last December with the Ashai Shimbun. You can read the article “Freedom of navigation pits Japan, U.S. against China” online at:

Missed earlier:  APCSS Professor Herman Finley was quoted in Voice of America’s story on the East China Sea – “Pentagon: US-Japan Treaty Covers Disputed Islands” You can read it online at:



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