Thirty-five Fellows completed the Senior Executive Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (SEAPOC) 14-1 January 17 at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.

Eleven international Fellows attended the course coming from Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan. The remaining Fellows were from the U.S.

SEAPOC provides an overview of the Asia-Pacific region to senior military officers with respect for greater demands on their time and existing basis of knowledge. It also directly supports the U.S. Pacific Command by providing its staff and supporting components a compressed and comprehensive educational environment.

The Senior Executive Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (SEAPOC) builds upon existing Asia-Pacific experiences regarding trends and current issues shaping the Asia-Pacific security environment for senior military officers. It is a highly-intensive course with a mix of electives that focuses on specific issues as needed by senior officers.

This iteration of the course was held at the same time as the Advance Security Cooperation (ASC) course which is currently ongoing at the Center.  The simultaneous courses allowed for interaction between the Fellows including a joint seminar on U.S. Foreign Policy.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is a U.S. Department of Defense institute that addresses regional and global security issues. Military and civilian representatives, predominantly from the U.S. and Asia-Pacific nations, participate in a comprehensive program of executive education, professional exchanges and outreach events, both in Hawaii and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. More information is available at

Since opening in 1995, APCSS has had representatives from 104 countries and territories, and four international organizations attend courses at the Center for a total of 7,966 alumni.