The Asia- Pacific Center for Security Studies is hosting a conference entitled “Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Security for the 21st Century” September 12-13 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village . The conference will convene distinguished experts and practitioners to examine the security challenges and opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region for the 21st Century.   

In the last decade, the Asia-Pacific region has increasingly fostered security cooperation through multilateral dialogue conducted by both governments and non-government agencies.  At the same time, new security threats that transcend national borders have emerged that require even closer cooperation among the countries in the region.         

In addition, an important security challenge continues to be the need for sustained dialogue to manage and ultimately resolve long-standing conflicts in the region. 

To prepare for the security challenges ahead, this conference will assess the progress and effectiveness of Theater Security Cooperation, and examine how regional cooperation and dialogue can be strengthened at the governmental as well as the non-governmental level. 

By convening this conference, it is hoped that the representatives from throughout the region will be able to forge a common vision of the security future for the Asia-Pacific for the 21st Century.  

In conjunction with the conference, APCSS is also hosting an “open house” for conference attendees and invited guests. The open house will commemorate APCSS’ 10th Anniversary.

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