Security Nexus | Webinar Episode 5: Nuclear Indo-Pacific

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From DKI APCSS in Honolulu, Hawaii, we bring you the latest Security Nexus | Webinar highlights! Hosted by Professor James Minnich, the webinar delved into the intricate nuclear landscape of the Indo-Pacific, featuring Dr. Lami Kim, an esteemed expert in nuclear proliferation and Northeast Asian security.

New Policy Brief on China’s Nuclear Modernization and Northeast Asian Security

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In a new policy brief published in the ASIA-Pacific Leadership network, DKI APCSS Prof. Lami Kim examines the implications of China’s nuclear weapons build-up on Northeast Asian security. Kim argues that the threat lies less in direct nuclear risk to the US homeland and more in the potential impact on vital US interests in the region, including the increased risk of an emboldened invasion of Taiwan and possible nuclear arms pursuits by Japan and South Korea. Kim suggests strengthening deterrence measures, enhancing transparency, and establishing viable crisis management mechanisms to mitigate these risks. Read the Policy Brief The views [...]

Arms buildup between two Koreas heightens risk of conventional and nuclear war

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“Arms buildup between two Koreas heightens risk of conventional and nuclear war” is a new article written by DKI APCSS Professor Dr. James M. Minnich.  The article was published by NK Pro, a professional journal on the topic of North Korea. This in-depth review of military capabilities on the peninsula underscores obstacles to peace and catastrophic costs of war. Read the full article James M. Minnich  is a professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.  The views expressed in this article are his own and do not reflect those of DKI APCSS, the U.S. Department of [...]

Modernizing US Alliance for Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific

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Dr. Virginia Bacay Watson has written a chapter on “Modernizing U.S. Alliances for Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific” for a new Pacific Forum publication, Issues & Insights Vol. 21, SR 2 — Advancing a Rules-based Maritime Order in the Indo-Pacific, which is now available online. In an excerpt from her chapter, Watson states that: “The U.S. alliance system was a post-World War II ‘strategic innovation’ credited with successfully protecting U.S. global and national interests for over seven decades. Today, however, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the hub-and-spokes system in Asia have lost their edge and are struggling to [...]

Combating Health-Related Cyber Security Threats with Health Systems Approaches

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“Combating Health-Related Cyber Security Threats with Health Systems Approaches,” is the title of a paper by Drs. Sebastian Kevany and Deon Canyon, for Security Nexus. This article emphasizes the need for a multi-level approach to cyber security in protecting health care systems and information. Summary Cyber attacks on health systems are generally regarded as one of the most ethically-compromised activities enabled by the dark web and anonymous browsing apps. The risks to not just the health care system but also human lives are significant, and these threats are on the rise. Though only one element of a necessary multi-level effort [...]

Senior Leaders Wargame Insights into the U.S. – North Korea Nuclear Standoff

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“Senior Leaders Wargame Insights into the U.S. - North Korea Nuclear Standoff,” is the title of a paper by Dr. Deon Canyon, Jonathan Cham and Jim Potenza for Security Nexus. This article details how DKI APCSS employs wargames in courses to tackle the most complex and difficult regional challenges, and provides statistical results from a recent course. Summary In dealing with complex security issues and imperfect information, decision-makers frequently rely on mental models that limit their capacity to make fully rational decisions. Wargames can provide an innovative option for challenging assumptions based on past experience, exposing unassessed risk, and gaining [...]

DKI APCSS Professor has OpEd on N. Korea in latest The National Interest blog

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Dr Alexander L. Vuving has a new article in The National Interest profiling N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un and providing his opinion on how the U.S. should response. The OpEd entitled “What Kim Jong Un Really Wants, and How America Should Respond”  provides a background on Kim Jong Un’s first six years as leader and the programs he pursued in order to establish credibility within N. Korea as well as the world. According to Vuving, “North Korea is an opportunity masquerading as a threat.  The United States must not miss the larger struggle in Asia for the squabbles with North [...]

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