Security Nexus Webinar: Nuclear Indo-­Pacific

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Join Professors James Minnich and Lami Kim in a captivating dialogue as they unravel the crucial theme of the “Nuclear Indo-­Pacific,” a region marked by six nuclear­ armed states and several threshold nuclear powers. Immerse yourself in this thought-­provoking conversation that navigates the intricate dynamics and challenges shaping the nuclear landscape in one of the world’s most critical geopolitical areas. Gain valuable insights into the complexities defining various nuclear scenarios in the Indo-­Pacific region. Don't miss your chance to be part of this enlightening conversation—register now to secure your spot and delve into the intricate world of the Nuclear Indo­-Pacific! [...]

Security Nexus Webinar: The Changing Nature of Security in the Face of Climate and Environmental Disruption

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Discover the critical intersection of climate change and security in an enlightening webinar hosted by Dr. James Minnich. In "Changing Nature of Security in the Face of Climate and Environmental Disruption," he brings together a panel of distinguished experts, including Dr. Ethan Allen, Dr. Srini Sitaraman, and Dr. Sebastian Kevany. This thought-provoking event delves into the profound shifts in security paradigms driven by environmental disruption and climate-related challenges. Explore the growing risks associated with climate-induced conflicts, resource scarcity, and the need for sustainable adaptation strategies. Dr. Allen, a biologist specializing in environmental and climate-related matters, will provide insights on the [...]

Webinar explores opportunities to boost space collaboration through partnerships

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In partnership with US Space Command, the Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs (UH-Manoa), Pacific Forum, and the Aerospace Corporation, the Daniel K. Inouye Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies convened a webinar as part of the 29th Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-29), on Tuesday 5 September. “There appears to be opportunities to harness complementary [nations] to grow partnerships that will synergize the space sector in the Asia-Pacific,” said DKI APCSS professor Dr. Alfred Oelhers. “It appears we haven’t yet fully seized these opportunities to realize our potential.” The webinar, titled “Accelerating Asia-Pacific Space Economies Through Partnerships: Challenges, Opportunities and [...]

Deconstructing RFMOs: the Politics of Protecting Fish Webinar Now Online

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In this webinar, experts “dive” into the world of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO) and the inner workings of how these bodies regulate the business of fishing. Security practitioners, policy makers, and fish enthusiasts alike will gain a better understanding of how decisions are made and the barriers to effective management.

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