Media and the Security Practitioner

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“Media and the Security Practitioner” is the title of a paper written by DKI APCSS professor Shyam Tekwani for Security Nexus. This article makes recommendations for the security practitioner and news consumer to overcome the hazards of diminishing trust in mainstream media and the resulting widespread outrage against journalism. Excerpt It is impossible to overstate the supreme importance of seeking information from diverse sources for a balanced understanding of our world. Relying largely on social media is as much an impediment to the effectiveness of a security practitioner as is seeking news to fit one’s views. It’s as important for professional [...]

APCSS takes APOC on-the-road to Arlington

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APCSS' Dr. Fouse, Dr. Campbell, and Capt. Clancy during apresentation on Transnational Security II (Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation.   A course to introduce security practitioners to issues impacting the Asia-Pacific recently took place in Arlington, Va. The four-day Mobile Asia-Pacific Orientation course, held Nov. 18-21, gave 73 U.S. and international security practitioners the chance to discuss and share knowledge on political, military, environmental, and socio-economic issues and how they impact U.S. national interests. The itinerary included a rigorous program of lectures, interactive sessions, and break-out seminars. The course conducted by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, based [...]

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