In Support of Hospital Ships:  A Need for Reform, not Rejection  

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“In Support of Hospital Ships:  A Need for Reform, not Rejection “is a new paper for Security Nexus by Sebastian Kevany, Michael S. Baker, Deon Canyon, Al Shimkus, Wade Turvold, Mark Middleton, and Amy Russell. According to the paper, “despite past successes, the hospital ship program has come under fire - metaphorically speaking - for being expensive, ineffective, and occasionally, critics say, even unhelpful or counterproductive. “ Despite critics calling for an end to hospital ships, the authors recommends reforms for the U.S. Navy’s hospital ship program. They recommend that multiple, smaller, faster, and accessible hospital ships be developed for 21st [...]

Ships Become Dangerous Places During a Pandemic

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“Ships Become Dangerous Places During a Pandemic” is a new paper authored by Wade Turvold and Jim McMullin for Security Nexus. In this paper, they illustrate the difficulties of life aboard ocean-going vessels and cite historic cases of how onboard ventilation systems and close-quarters living conditions have contributed to the spread of contagious diseases, including COVID-19. Excerpt: “Due to their unique features, ships become particularly dangerous places during times of pandemic. The outbreaks in the USS Leviathan and the MV Diamond Princess both point to the same lesson. Ships with their characteristically crowded conditions, small spaces, and poor ventilation increase the transmission [...]

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