Building Cyber Resilience Among Middle-Grade Officers in Sri Lanka Air Force

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Shashika Sandaruwan Ekanayake Squadron Leader, Sri Lanka Air Force CSC 23-2 Your Content Goes Here Project timeline: 6/29/2023 – 12/4/2023 As the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) continues to adapt to evolving threats in cybersecurity, Squadron Leader Shashika Sandaruwan Ekanayake identified network vulnerabilities that current and future officers must address. To best protect critical cyber infrastructures, he concentrated his efforts on revising the existing cybersecurity training module for junior and middle-grade SLAF officers. Sqn. Ldr. Ekanayake surveyed samples of students to identify weak areas of cyber awareness and successfully adjusted the curriculum accordingly. [...]

Digital Documentation of Vehicles & Persons at Port Entry / Exit Gates

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Harsha Sandamal Weerasuriya Head of the Special Investigations Unit / Acting Deputy Chief Security Manager, Sri Lanka Ports Authority CSC 22-3 Your Content Goes Here Project timeline: 9/21/2022 - 8/15/2023 Mr. Harsha Weerasuriya sought to enhance the security measures within Sri Lanka’s maritime ports by streamlining access control procedures and modernizing documentation efforts. Faced with a high volume of consistent activity, Sri Lanka’s ports were faced with the challenge of manually documenting each individual and vehicle accessing these High Security Zones. Mr. Weerasuriya successfully implemented a system that digitizes this process using mobile Barcode/QR [...]

The Uprising in Sri Lanka

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By Shyam Tekwani The denouement came with big screaming headlines, "Sri Lanka's President Flees country on a military jet." For the youth and women-led 'Janatha Aragalaya' (People's Struggle), like so many in the island nation, the political obituary of the Rajapaksa clan-led government, in a manner so undignified, is seen as the first step in their months-long demand for good governance. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the 73-year-old retired lieutenant colonel, had built his reputation on being efficient and ruthless as de facto head of the military, under his elder brother President Mahinda Rajapaksa, by exterminating the Tamil separatist movement after 26 years of [...]

Sri Lanka’s return to ethnic majoritarianism

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DKI APCSS Professor Shyam Tekwani has a new article published by the East Asia Forum entitled “Sri Lanka’s return to ethnic majoritarianism.” In the article, Tekwani states that “Before Sri Lanka’s economy can be rebuilt or democratic institutions revitalised, the country will need to come to terms with its legacies of violence.” Read the full article online at: Shyam Tekwani is Professor at the Daniel K Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of APCSS, the US Department of Defense or the US government.

The Rise of the Small Boats is the latest DKI APCSS Analytical Report

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How terrorists use the sea is the topic of the latest analytical report by Lt. Col. Alex Carter, U.S. Army, and DKI APCSS alumnus Captain Damian Fernando, Sri Lankan Navy. In their paper, Carter and Fernando share the case study of how Sri Lankan has dealt with this maritime challenge.  Looking back to Sri Lanka’s civil war, their navy developed the Small Boat program to combat LTTE Sea Tigers.  Special Boat Squadrons were used to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance inside LTTE-held territories.  Rapid Action Boat Squadrons then began using swarm tactics to engage in combat operations. According to the authors, “A [...]

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