The Value of Thought Leadership in a World in Crisis” is the latest Security Nexus Perspective by Dr. Deon Canyon.

In this OpEd, Canyon discusses the role that the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies plays in Thought Leadership. According to the author,” Executives and decision-makers who manage national and transboundary security issues have limited time and many competing interests vie for their attention. Despite this, most indicate that they dedicate the necessary time required to review guidance from reliable and trusted sources. However, they note that identifying sources that meet their needs is not easy. Making this more difficult is the digital environment, which is over-crowded with websites containing variations of similar content mass-produced by non-specialist contractors and disinformation promulgated by nefarious actors.”

He further states that “DKI APCSS counters this confusion with a powerful reputation and thousands of meaningful connections with powerful security professionals and government officials throughout the world. It sets itself apart from generic content providers, and maintains and develops its position as the vanguard of cutting-edge knowledge and relationships in the security cooperation sector.”

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