Egyptian Women as Catalysts of Change in the Arab Spring – Dr. Saira Yamin

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DKI APCSS' Dr. Saira Yamin has contributed to a chapter to a new book entitled: "Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security." The book, edited by Sandra Cheldelin and Martha Mutisi and published by HSRC Press. "Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security" offers a critical review and analysis of many gender-based efforts implemented since 2000, including empowerment policies, strategies, and an in-depth study of four particular cases. It calls out the need for conceptualising gender as a social structure in policy construction. It assesses the "good intentions" of policies designed and implemented with core beliefs they will be good for women. It provides an [...]

APCSS Faculty Publish New Articles – Dr. Miemie Winn-Byrd and Dr. Alex Vuving

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Dr. Miemie Winn-Byrd contributed to a new NDU Press publication entitled: "Women on the Frontlines of Peace and Security." Her chapter is on "Promoting Women's Participation in Disaster Management and Building Resilient Communities: A View from U.S. Pacific Command. " Also, This week Dr. Alex Vuving's latest article "A Tipping Point in the US-China-Vietnam Triangle"  was published by The Diplomat. The views expressed in these articles are their own and not necessarily the views of APCSS, U.S. Pacific Command or the U.S. Government. -END-

Alumni Perspectives: Enhancing the Role of Women in Indonesia to Counter Terrorism

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Ms. Lisa R. Wulan during ASC -14-3. While attending APCSS courses, Fellows are required to complete a Fellows Project which may be done as a presentation, research paper or policy brief. APCSS is now making these papers available on line with our new “Alumni Perspectives” publications. “Enhancing the Role of Women in Indonesia to Counter Terrorism” is a paper by a recent graduate of the Advanced Security Cooperation Course (ASC 14-3), Ms. Lisa R. Wulan. She is a security analyst who has been working in the field for six years. Ms. Wulan has conducted research and analysis on terrorism [...]

Director Leaf addresses ‘Smart Power’ symposium

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"If you leave anyone in the organization on the sidelines, if you don’t leverage what they can contribute, your unit is less effective,” advised Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) Director Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dan Leaf to an audience of students, officials, NGOs and diplomats at Georgetown University. Director Leaf was in Washington D.C. to speak at a symposium on “Smart Power: The Military and Inclusive Security.” The symposium was hosted by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS). Director Leaf was part of an international panel moderated by Ambassador Melanne [...]

APCSS publishes Women, Peace, & Security Strategy

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This week the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies unveiled a new strategic policy statement in support of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS). The strategy outlines APCSS’ commitment to fostering an inclusive security sector through engagement and executive education of security practitioners in the Asia-Pacific Region. During ASC14-1 three Fellows completed special projects related to Women, Peace and security. Pictured with WPS project leads Lt. Cmdr. Dara Kollasch and Dr. Lori Forman are Deputy Police Chief Jean Salvador (Philippines), Lt Colonel MD Masum (Bangladesh), and Ms. Sri Rumiati (Indonesian National Police) According to Navy Lt. [...]

Building an Effective Security Sector through Inclusion

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A workshop on “Building an Effective Security Sector through Inclusion” was held March 12-14, 2013 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Hosted by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS), in partnership with the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam’s Institute of Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, the multilateral workshop focused on key considerations and opportunities to build effective security sectors in the Asia-Pacific through the inclusion of diverse viewpoints and perspectives. “Expanding the role and impact of women in security is not a women’s issue, but an essential part of achieving the goals of good governance and effective leadership,” stated Dr. Lori Forman, workshop [...]

Women’s Contributions to Economic Growth and Development: The Bangladesh Model

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Dr. Saira Yamin has added a blog entitled "Women's Contributions to Economic Growth and Development: The Bangladesh Model"  to our Women, Peace and Security Community of Interest page on APCSSLink.  She wrote this blog in preparation for our "Building an Effective Security Sector Through Inclusion" workshop to be held next month in Vietnam. Note: To view the blog, you must be an APCSSLink member. The views expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of APCSS, the U.S. Pacific Command, the U.S. Department of Defense, or the U.S. government. -END-

ASC Fellows participate in ‘Women, Peace & Security’ initiative

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Eight women from Oceania participated in a special Women, Peace and Security Initiative held as part of the Advanced Security Cooperation course. Pictured are (l-r): Ms. Cynthia J. H. Duoribi (Papau New Guinea), Ms. Marjorie Deireragea ( Nauru), Ms. Taranaivini Leba Savoi ( Fiji), Ms. Teleisia Malani (Tonga), Ms. Ruby A. Kavaliku (Tonga), Chief Inspector Joanne H. Clarkson (Papua New Guinea), Ms. Carmel M. Tamiloenia (Papua New Guinea) and Ms. Emilia A. Katosang (Palau). Among the 89 Fellows attending the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies' latest course were eight women from Oceania, who are part of a new initiative [...]

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