Strategic Competition, Cooperation, and Accommodation: Perspectives from the Indian Ocean Region

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“Strategic Competition, Cooperation, and Accommodation: Perspectives from the Indian Ocean Region,” is the title of a paper by Dr. Saira Yamin, Maj. Daniel Cedillo, Lt. Col. Nicholas Sikes, Dr. Srini Sitaraman and Lt. Cmdr. Keith Wilkins for Security Nexus. This article highlights the diversity of perspectives on strategic competition and opportunities for cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region drawing on discussions at the three-day virtual workshop organized by DKI APCSS. Summary This article draws on conversations facilitated at the virtual Indian Ocean Region Workshop convened by the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS) in Honolulu, Hawaii, [...]

The Future is Female: Positioning Women as Drivers of Economic Growth

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Dr. Saira Yamin has a new article, “The Future is Female: Positioning Women as Drivers of Economic Growth,” published in a special International Women’s Day publication by UNDP Pakistan titled Womenomics: Women Powering the Economy.  In this article, she highlights six Indo-Pacific countries (Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam) where gender inclusion in the work force is pursued as a targeted policy to accelerate economic growth, both pre- and post COVID. Read the full article Dr. Saira Yamin is a professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS). The views expressed in this [...]

Strategic Competition: Why Pakistan Matters

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“Strategic Competition: Why Pakistan Matters,” is the title of an OpEd written by Dr. Saira Yamin for Security Nexus. This paper emphasizes the importance of the U.S. maintaining a strong relationship with Pakistan as strategic competition with China intensifies. Excerpt: It is worth noting that Pakistan remains vitally important to U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific, not least because of its all-weather strategic cooperative partnership with China who regards it as an “element of its strategic competition with the United States and India.” The current state of U.S.-Pakistan relations is symptomatic of an increasing ambiguity that is counterproductive to advancing U.S. [...]

US-Pakistan Relations: The Search for a Middle Ground

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By Dr. Saira Yamin December 17, 2018, Pakistan Politico "US-Pakistan Relations: The Search for a Middle Ground" (link is external) published by Pakistan Politico is the latest article by Dr. Saira Yamin. According to Yamin, "Relations between the United States and Pakistan have soured considerably in 2018.  A recurring exchange of flustered tweets by statesmen on both sides suggests that they may be ready to move on.  However, it may be worthwhile taking a pause to consider what may be at stake.  Disengagement and  estrangement would not be new words in the U.S.- Pakistan lexicon." In the article, she discussed the [...]

DKI APCSS hosts second Indo-Pacific Strategy Workshop

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By Dr. Saira Yamin DKI APCSS recently conducted its second in-resident workshop on the United States’ Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) strategy.  The strategy was announced by President Trump nearly a year ago and signals the United States’ strong commitment to the Indo-Pacific region through defense, diplomacy, trade and economic initiatives. Mr. Ajai Shukla, Consulting Editor on Strategic Affairs, Business Standard, provides a presentation on “The Evolution of India’s Policies in the Indo-Pacific” during a working lunch Oct. 26. Working in concert with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, DKI APCSS [...]

Advancing Security through a Gender Lens: Building Capacity of International Security Practitioners

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It’s not uncommon for a faculty member at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies to write a paper about issues in the region.  However, Dr. Saira Yamin and Lt. Col. Michael C. Burgoyne have now written about the Center, specifically, how it is implementing the Women, Peace, and Security program. The paper, “Advancing security through a gender lens: building capacity of international security practitioners,” was originally presented by Dr. Yamin at a WPS conference recently held at Brown University. It brings into focus the importance of collaborative practitioner-centered discussions  on the links between gender and security to foster [...]

Dr. Yamin selected as Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Policy

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Congratulations to Dr. Saira Yamin who was recently selected to be a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Policy (CGP).  CGP is a US-based think tank working on policy issues pertaining to Political Islam, Violent Extremism and American Muslims. Dr. Yamin continues her role as a professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies and recently participated in a podcast with CGP’s Kamran Bokhari discussing ”civil-military dynamics in emerging democracies and autocracies, especially those of Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey, Myanmar.” According to the podcast description: “They touch upon the ongoing evolution of the military regimes of Syria and [...]

Egyptian Women as Catalysts of Change in the Arab Spring – Dr. Saira Yamin

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DKI APCSS' Dr. Saira Yamin has contributed to a chapter to a new book entitled: "Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security." The book, edited by Sandra Cheldelin and Martha Mutisi and published by HSRC Press. "Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security" offers a critical review and analysis of many gender-based efforts implemented since 2000, including empowerment policies, strategies, and an in-depth study of four particular cases. It calls out the need for conceptualising gender as a social structure in policy construction. It assesses the "good intentions" of policies designed and implemented with core beliefs they will be good for women. It provides an [...]

Pakistan: National Security Dilemmas and Transition to Democracy – Dr. Saira Yamin

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Dr. Saira Yamin's paper on "Pakistan: National Security Dilemmas and Transition to Democracy" was recently published by the Journal of Asia Security and International Affairs.   The following is an abstract: "Empirical evidence supports the notion that emergent and hybrid democratic regimes are often unstable and conflict-ridden. While these are important findings, the implication that instability is induced by democratic transitions provides a partial understanding of the dynamic. Pakistan’s recent return to a democratic system of government provides an opportunity to test this thesis and draw inferences about prospects for democratic consolidation. Using Pakistan as a case study, the research raises three important considerations [...]

Mapping Conflict Trends in Pakistan

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Dr. Saira Yamin's research paper on "Mapping Conflict Trends in Pakistan" was recently published by the United States Institute of Peace. It is coauthored with APCSS alumna, Salma Malik (EC03-1). A copy of the document is attached and is available online at:

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