Peter Gumataotao, director of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, was invited as a special guest speaker for the Nauru government’s ambassadors’ retreat held in Cairns, Australia from June 28-30.

During the retreat, Nauru’s ambassadors, who work in foreign affairs, trade and diplomacy, discussed potential considerations for a future bilateral security agreement between Nauru and the United States.

“I am very pleased that the leadership in Nauru are asking some exceptional questions regarding what it means to establish relationships with other countries,” said Gumataotao. “[They are] looking at overlapping priorities and areas of mutual interest and concern on how both countries can work collaboratively together to make Nauru a better place.”

Director Gumataotao opened the event with a discussion on the emerging security situation in the Indo-Pacific Region, focusing on regional and transnational threats and security issues affecting Nauru and other Pacific nations. The participants appreciated the presentation for highlighting the geopolitical, informational, transnational, and climate change challenges that Nauru is currently facing.

Director Gumataotao’s invitation was extended by the Hon. Rennier Gadabu, Minister Special Envoy for the US-Nauru Security Agreement, who acknowledged the valuable insights previously shared by Director Gumataotao during a Nauru delegation’s visit to Hawaii.