Why women in Asia-Pacific countries are more susceptible to disaster impacts?  This topic is explored in a new paper by DKI APCSS professor Jessica Ear on “Women’s Role in Disaster Management and Implications for National Security.”

Her paper examines societal roles that create greater susceptibility to disaster impacts and case studies where the inclusion of women in disaster management is reducing these impacts on the most vulnerable portions of society.

According to Ear: “ In order to promote the advancement of women in these key security areas, the issues of women’s risks not just in disaster vulnerable situations but also in terms of susceptibility to other risks such as poverty, exploitation, abuse and oppression needs to be addressed.  Advancing women in these [Women, Peace and Security]WPS areas can be facilitated by greater female participation in disaster management to a certain extent, but reducing the vulnerability of women has its origins in expanding women’s access and control over resources via expanded gender roles and rights.

You can download “Women’s Role in Disaster Management and Implications for National Security” from this link: