Resource Management


This department includes our Facilities division, which manages our campus infrastructure and lodging for the resident Fellows. Travel division manages all facets of travel for our staff, faculty, and program participants. They also provide oversight of security for our travelers and passport/visa support. Procurement and Supply division provides and maintains office supplies for the Center. Their primary focus is overseeing the many contracts that are outsourced to the U.S. Air Force on island. Budgeting and Accounting division is in the midst of much transition in this area due to the requirement for DOD to be audit ready. They are in the midst of changing accounting systems at DOD direction for the second time in four years. Our core operations and maintenance budget has been steady for the past couple of years. We also receive funding from multiple sources each year, which go directly to execute some of our programs. The total level of funding varies each year to some degree but overall is relatively stable. Currently, there are no large infrastructure projects on the horizon (the last was Maluhia Hall constructed in 2012), but the maintenance of the facilities is an ongoing effort with smaller projects and improvements.



The library sits in a relatively small footprint since we are principally a digital library. There are three librarians in total including a reference librarian, a library technician and the chief.

Human Resources


This department provides administrative support in handling the following types of personnel on a consistent basis: military (officer and enlisted from Navy/USMC/Army/Air Force); civilian personnel (title 5 and title 10); contractors; volunteer interns; Military War college Fellows (6-months or one year assignments at DKI APCSS) and visiting academics.

Executive Office Group


Ensures Center policy complies with OSD, USINDOPACOM, and DSCA guidance, Assessment Program Management manages assessments and analytics/impacts and prepare, submit external reporting of outcomes and impacts and Conduct Business Process Reviews. Program Planning manages annual program planning efforts; facilitate external review and approval. Develop and provide Center program input into the USINDOPACOM Theater Campaign Plan and related documents. Strategic Planning supports Director in maintaining long-term strategic planning process. Lead planning and determine impact of strategic engagements by senior leadership. Legislative Affairs coordinates all legislative affairs actions, to include visits and statutory revisions. Our Public Affairs team is responsible for Media support, News Releases, Media Roundtables, Response to Query/Faculty Interviews, PA Plans/Guidance, College Support, Serves as adjunct, Media Training Workshop, Media Brown Bags, Lectures, Exercise support, Outreach Workshops, Publications - Currents Magazine, Monthly Activities Report, Brochures, Fact Sheets, etc., Photography, Lobby Display, Visitors, Testimonials, Websites/Portals, Public Website, Social Media sites, Community Relations and Coordination with other DoD & Embassy PAOs/Agencies.

Dean of College


One of two major departments in DKI APCSS, the College of Security Studies serves as the academic resource for the Center. Operating under the leadership of Dean Carleton Cramer, the College develops and executes in-residence courses, workshops, dialogues, and continuing engagements with alumni and leaders throughout the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. The College also provides academic support to Fellows Projects, assisting fellows to complete projects that address organizational imperatives. The world-class College faculty members are a diverse mix of U.S. and foreign civilians and U.S. military officers, blending academic rigor and rich practitioner experience. The outstanding College operations staff manages faculty operations and integrates Center resources into faculty engagements. The College is the Center’s keystone academic resource for building resilient capacity, shared understanding and networked relationships among civilian and military practitioners and institutions to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Dean of Business Operations


The Dean of Admissions and Business Operations include the leadership and management of all of our supporting infrastructure that in short means the planning, policy and execution of our finances; facilities; information systems; human resources; recruitment and admissions to all of our programs; support operations for all of our in region and resident programs; oversight of our alumni engagement; and oversight of our research library.

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