Resumption of Work After the COVID-19 Lockdown Period and an Approach to Attaining Herd Immunity While Suppressing the EPI Curve- in the Philippines” is a new paper written by DKI APCSS alumni Noel Miranda for Security Nexus. In this paper, Miranda details the steps taken in the Philippines to decrease the EPI-Curve, while implementing a strategy to obtain herd immunity, and urges decision makers to implement the use of the identified pharmaceutical/biological approaches to COVID-19.

The duration of this COVID-19 epidemic could last up to 2022. This means we should be constantly suppressing and flattening the curve for that entire duration.  Hopefully, we would have better preventive and curative approaches that can modulate COVID-19 disease or enable herd immunity to be achieved sooner.  This would reduce risk of severe disease and deaths, or eradicate the disease.

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Noel Miranda is an alumni of the Daniel K Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies’ “Biosecurity in South East Asia” workshop (ORC 15-2). The views expressed in this article are his own.

Security Nexus is a peer-reviewed, online journal published by the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.