Philippines must stand up for its rights at South China Sea shoal

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Dr. Alex Vuving’s most recent article for Nikkei Asia comments on the latest activity in the South China Sea. China has been involved in various incidents claiming territory in the South China Sea that falls within the exclusive economic zones of neighboring countries like the Philippines and Vietnam. In August, China called for the Philippines to remove the BRP Sierra Madre, a grounded naval vessel, from Second Thomas Shoal, a submerged reef located within the Philippine exclusive economic zone. The China Coast Guard ship fired water cannons to turn away Philippine boats on a resupply mission. These actions have sparked [...]

A curriculum to address the role of women in countering extremism in the Maldives

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Ms. Hawwa Abdul Raheem Expert Lecturer, Ministry of Defense and National Security Maldives ASC 17-2 Your Content Goes Here Project timeline: 10/25/2017- 2/14/2023 Violent extremism emerged as a pressing issue in the security environment in the Maldives around 2017, increasingly undermining societal harmony through the spread of divisive religious ideologies. A new approach by extremist actors was enacted to target women as facilitators, recruiters, and moral supporters of men fighting on the front lines. The threat of extremism is a concern for the Maldives, given its strong reliance on tourism to support [...]

Working Group for Indonesian Cyber Crisis Management

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Ms. Ruri Prabaswari Doctoral Student, Indonesia National Cyber and Crypto Agency Indonesia CSC 22-2 Your Content Goes Here Project timeline: 6/17/2021- 1/1/2022 Indonesia experienced several massive cyberattacks in 2022, and the potential for cybersecurity to worsen rose with the outbreak of Covid-19. Ms. Ruri Prabaswari knew that national regulations regarding cyber crisis management and a national cyber crisis team were needed to anticipate and overcome this situation. She formulated a plan that would protect her nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. The goal of her project was to develop the concept of a national [...]

Climate Change and National Security Training Program

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Ms. Amparo Pamela Fabe Professor, National Police College Philippines CSC 22-3 Your Content Goes Here Project timeline: 6/17/2021- 1/1/2022 Ms. Amparo Pamela Fabe, a professor at the National Police College of the Philippines, designed a program that integrates climate change issues into the national security discussion in the Philippines. The National Security Strategy Plan of the Philippine government from 2017 to 2022 did not directly focus on the issue of climate change and its impact on national security despite the Philippines being affected by natural disasters, such as 20 typhoons and 2,000 [...]

Resumption of Work After the COVID-19 Lockdown Period and an Approach to Attaining Herd Immunity While Suppressing the EPI Curve – in the Philippines

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“Resumption of Work After the COVID-19 Lockdown Period and an Approach to Attaining Herd Immunity While Suppressing the EPI Curve- in the Philippines” is a new paper written by DKI APCSS alumni Noel Miranda for Security Nexus. In this paper, Miranda details the steps taken in the Philippines to decrease the EPI-Curve, while implementing a strategy to obtain herd immunity, and urges decision makers to implement the use of the identified pharmaceutical/biological approaches to COVID-19. Excerpt: The duration of this COVID-19 epidemic could last up to 2022. This means we should be constantly suppressing and flattening the curve for that entire [...]

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