Currents Magazine: Fostering Discussions on Regional Stability and Security

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HONOLULU – The latest edition of Currents magazine, the official publication of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS), is now available. This winter’s edition, themed “Fostering Discussions on Regional Stability and Security,” features Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. on the cover. President Marcos was the keynote speaker at the Daniel K. Inouye (DKI) Speaker Series held in November 2023, where he discussed regional stability and security, aligning perfectly with the theme of this issue. Inside, readers will find a comprehensive review of the Center’s accomplishments across its key pillars: People, Program, Processes, and Infrastructure. [...]

Currents Magazine: Celebrating Face-to-Face Engagements and Collaborations

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We are pleased to announce the latest issue of Currents Magazine, emphasizing the theme of "Connecting in Person" and documenting achievements from July 1 to December 31, 2022. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have prioritized in-person engagements with our global alumni network. DKI APCSS reconnected with alumni in various countries, including Japan, Nepal, and Canada. Our faculty participated in public forums and strategic studies programs, which served to fortify connections and revitalize relationships. In Honolulu, the Comprehensive Security Cooperation course experienced a notable increase in capacity, hosting 150 international Fellows. The Indo-Pacific Orientation Course saw the graduation [...]

Deconstructing RFMOs: the Politics of Protecting Fish Webinar Now Online

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In this webinar, experts “dive” into the world of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO) and the inner workings of how these bodies regulate the business of fishing. Security practitioners, policy makers, and fish enthusiasts alike will gain a better understanding of how decisions are made and the barriers to effective management.

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