Security Nexus | Webinar Episode 2: Beyond Borders: Indo-Pacific Health Security Cooperation

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In this episode, Dr. James Minnich hosts Dr. Sebastian Kevany, a prominent health security expert with extensive experience in global missions. They discuss current health security challenges in the Indo-Pacific, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing interconnected health and security issues. The conversation covers global success stories in health security, the significance of international cooperation, and the role of technology and innovation in strengthening health security.

Effects of Climate Change on Volcanic Emissions and Health Security in Hawaii by 2050

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“Effects of Climate Change on Volcanic Emissions and Health Security in Hawaii by 2050” is the latest paper by Dr. Deon V. Canyon and Dr. James R. Campbell. According to the authors, not only will climate change modify the weather, it is also predicted to influence volcanic emissions directly.  This change impacts air quality in Hawaii as well as quality of health for those who are sensitive to vog and/or allergens. “While the rate of vog production in Hawaii is natural, unavoidable and unmodifiable, weather-related climate changes do impact on vog distribution,” states Canyon. “Decreasing trade winds have already been reported [...]

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