The Royal Thai Armed Forces’ Strategic Studies Center of the National Defense Studies Institute recently hosted the fourth Senior Security Studies Program. The intensive one-week course for senior Thai security sector leaders was held in Bangsaen, Chonburi, and emphasized the impact of change in the region as well as the capacity to manage change for both leaders and institutions. Faculty and senior leadership from the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies once again participated in the course.

Thirty participants from a variety of government organizations and academia attended the course. They represented various offices within the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Interior, education, and others.

During the course, these senior leaders reviewed a comprehensive array of emergent and over-the-horizon security issues:

  • Dr. Alexander Vuving led a session on Critical Thinking and Strategic Thinking.
  • Mary Markovinovic conducted a session on Strategic Communication.
  • Dr. Al Oehlers discussed Space Security.
  • Dr. Tim Buehrer presented sessions on Economics & Security and the Blue Economy.

The course also covered other topics, including ASEAN security challenges, climate change, and cybersecurity.

The opening and closing ceremonies were led by Lt. Gen. Natee Wongissares, Deputy Commanding General of the National Defence Studies Institute; Maj. Gen. Taksin Sirisingha, Director of the Strategic Studies Center; and retired Navy Captain Richard Sears, Deputy Director of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. Maj. Pablo Valerin, Chief of Training and Education for Joint US Military Advisory Group Thailand (JUSMAGTHAI) spoke at the opening ceremonies.

During the opening ceremony, Lt. Gen Wongissares cited the SSC as a valuable resource for the Thai Ministry of Defence to bring security practitioners together for collaboration and capacity building.

General Jerdwut Kraprayoon provided keynote remarks on Comprehensive Security and the challenges of hybrid warfare. Maj. Valerin shared the US perspective on the Global Security situation.

In his closing ceremony remarks, DKI APCSS Deputy Director Sears reminded the participants that we live in a high-pressure environment today and that the key to successfully addressing the complex challenges we face is through good relationships and cooperation.

The United States and Thailand enjoy a long-committed alliance. This Senior Security Studies Course is an excellent example of how our countries can work together to build cooperation throughout the Indo-Pacific Region. DKI APCSS proudly counts more than 480 Thai security sector professionals as part of its alumni network.

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