DKI APCSS Faculty are subject matter experts in a variety of topic areas.  Here are a list of some of their externally published books, book chapters, OpEds and articles:


Book or Report Chapters

  • Dr. Justin Nankivell – “The Role of History and Law in the South China Sea and Arctic Ocean” Maritime Awareness Project, 2017
  • Dr. Mohan Malik, “Geopolitics: Asia Out of Balance?”, NATO and Asia-Pacific, Eds. Alexander Moens and Brook A. Smith-Windsor, Brook A., NATO Defense College Forum, 2016
  • Dr. Virginia Bacay Watson, “Off-setting the Impacts of Emerging Critical Technology, ” Emerging Critical Technologies & Security in the Asia-Pacific, Ed. Dr. Richard Bitzinger and Haris Vlavianos, Palgrave MacMillian UK, 2016
  • Dr. Saira Yamin, “Egyptian Women as Catalysts of Change in the Arab Spring,” Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security, Eds. Sandra Cheldelin and Martha Mutisi, HSRC Press, 2015
  • Dr. Dr. Miemie Byrd, “Promoting Women’s Participation in Disaster Management and Building Resilient Communities:A View from U.S. Pacific Command, “Women on the Front Lines of Peace and Security, NDU Press, 2015
  • Dr. Alexander Vuving, “Will Chinese Primacy Be Harmonious?” China and International Security: History, Strategy, and 21st Century Policy. Eds. Donovan Chau and Thomas Kane, New York: Praeger, 2013
  • Dr. Alexander Vuving,The Rise of the Red Dragon: China as a New Superpower?” Communism in the
    21st Century, vol. II: Whither Communism?  The Challenges Facing Communist States and Parties. Shannon Brincat, ed. New York: Praeger, 2013
  • Dr. James R. Campbell,  “Human Health Threats and Implications for Regional Security in Southeast Asia,” Human Security: Securing East Asia’s Future. Ed. B.T.C. Guan, Springer, 2012
  • COL James M. Minnich – North Korea, a Country Study

Faculty Opinion/Editorials